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Sebby Balsamo is our principal physiotherapist and director of the Achieve Health Team. He has just celebrated 30 years of physiotherapy practice and as the joke goes “by now I think he’s got it right”.

He has a world of experience in practically all aspects of musculo-skeletal medicine and rehabilitation. He also however has a rare combination of experience and skills in strength and conditioning and is very much at home in the gym when it comes to fitness and performance conditioning. He has a post graduate training in Sports Physiotherapy at the Canberra Institute of Sport and has been responsible for managing the rehabilitation and strength and conditioning coaching of numerous teams at national, state and local levels in most sports.

A Few Examples

  • Cairns NBN Taipans Basketball

  • Cairns Queensland Cup Cyclones Rugby League

  • Australian Futsal Team tour of Brazil

  • Australian Para-Olympic Swimming Team

  • North Queensland Barras Hockey

  • Australian U21 Rugby Union tour of England

  • Annerley FC soccer club

  • Coorparoo AFL Club


In the ten years until 2013, Sebby was heavily involved in writing and delivering Personal Training, Physiotherapy Assistance and Remedial Massage courses and the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences.

He has been in private practice for 29 years and living in Brisbane since 2005.

Sebby leads a team of highly qualified and dedicated musculo-skeletal health professionals who work hard for their clients to provide an environment of trust and effectiveness in treatment of their health problems. He has developed his practice into a learning environment where staff can draw on his knowledge and clients can not only get relief from symptoms but also learn the cause of their condition and therefore how to prevent it from returning.

Achieve Physiotherapy takes care of any general musculo -skeletal problem whether acute (just happened) or chronic (more long term and recurrent). People with sporting injuries, back and neck problems, work related injuries, muscle imbalance and postural related problems to name a few.


We take your health personally. We will give you clear direction, encouragement and expert advice.


“I believe that to be truly effective in the diagnosis and management of my client’s problem I must first listen carefully to their story and then treat every problem individually. No two people are the same and this level of care takes time and patience”

Sebby Balsamo