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Physio servicesOur experienced physiotherapists will take you through a complete assessment, asking important questions about the history of your injury problems to provide the most effective physio services. By listening carefully to your answers we can provide you with a treatment pathway aimed at returning you to full and healthy function.

Depending on your diagnosis, treatment may include massage, mobilisation, heat therapy, exercise prescription, postural correction routines and general advice on lifestyle modification to assist in the speedy recovery from injury. Therefore, should diagnostic X-ray or MRI be required a referral can be provided.

How Can Physiotherapy Help My Problem?

Physiotherapists specialise in looking after musculoskeletal injuries. These include headaches,  neck / back pain and all the joints and muscle problems in between. Initially our job is to diagnose the problem and start a treatment plan which alleviates pain. This recovers flexibility and strength and finally prevents the problem from reoccurring. The key to being effective is to treat the cause of the problem not just the symptoms.

Sports Injury Management

From individuals to group sports such as cyclists, runners, triathletes, contact and non-contact team sports, cross-fit participants and general gym-goers. We can cater for clients from any form of exercise or sport.

The assessment and treatment of all forms of sports injury from any of the codes can be looked after by our physiotherapist. They have been involved in providing services to both elite and local club sports people for over 30 years. He has toured extensively with sports teams and understands completely the needs of an athlete. He now uses his extensive skills to teach others how to optimise performance. Our Soft Tissue Specialists can also provide regular body maintenance massage including Sports and Deep Tissue massage. This is specifically for our passionate sports orientated clients, who train and compete in their sports programs. We understand that often these clients have busy lifestyles and need a reliable, effective and convenient professional to help them take care of their bodies so that they can get on with what they enjoy doing the most.

Other Achieve Physio Services

Massages range between 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour & 1 ½ hours depending on our clients needs – Massage Services