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Project Description

Workhealth Solutions

Due to escalating costs of workplace claims, attitudes regarding workplace injuries are moving from a reactive approach to a more proactive approach. Employees have, in the past, been reluctant to advise their relevant workplace health and safety coordinators (WHSC) of musculoskeletal injuries out of a fear of possibly losing their job or having the injury on their records for future employment. As well as this, the process of assessment and management for an injury took too long which delays the rehabilitation process.

How Achieve Workhealth Solutions Can Help You

Achieve Physiotherapy has 40 years of experience in providing an efficient and effective service to different businesses, big and small. We currently have associations with large manufacturing companies who have in excess of 150 locations and 5,000 employees. From our experience, we have been able to develop an integrated cost-saving procedure when dealing with workplace health requirements which have lead to our associated companies reporting excellent results in the management of both work and non-work related incidents, and in particular, the identification of high risk individuals before an injury has occurred.

  • Access to a group of professionals with over 30 years experience

  • Regular weekly visits and coordinated booking systems

  • Dedicated 30-45 minutes consultations with on the spot diagnosis and treatment plans

  • Employee workshops on self-management and prevention of injuries

  • Increase in employee workplace satisfaction and decrease in lost work days

To find out more or to make an enquiry, call (07) 3397 7816 or email us at enquiry@achievephysio.com.au


Our goal is to provide your business with efficient and effective management of musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace


We provide our service in Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast and on the Gold Coast


Our dedicated Achieve Workhealth Solutions website is currently under construction. Links will be posted here when complete.