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Do I need a referral for Physiotherapy?

No. Physiotherapists in Australia are “first contact” professionals, this means that they are trained to assess and diagnose an injury or complaint. If the problem is outside of their area of expertise they will refer onto the appropriate professional.

Is the Physio a hands-on professional?

Achieve Physiotherapy has always been a hands- on professional service. The Physio will take a clear, in depth history from the client. They will then perform an objective examination which usually requires performing certain movements and tests on the client. Both these examinations will provide information to the therapist as to the diagnosis of the problem. They will then formulate and deliver a treatment plan which involves the use of various modalities of treatment which often include trigger point therapy as well as other forms of hands- on massage techniques.

Do you have HICAPs or Private health rebates?

Depending on your level of cover and which health fund you are with, this clinic has on the spot health refunds available for Physiotherapy.

How much does my health fund give me back?

This depends on your level of cover. You will need to go online or contact your own health fund in order to answer this question.

How long does a Physio consultation take?

This depends on how complex the problem is. Most Physiotherapy consultations take between 30 mins and 1 hour.

How much will my consultations cost?

Physiotherapy Initial visit $115

Physiotherapy Standard visit $115

What is the Achieve Physiotherapy cancellation policy?

Due to client waiting lists Achieve Physiotherapy requires at least 6 business hours notice if you wish to cancel your appointment. If a cancellation is made within 6 hours of the scheduled appointment, you will incur a $50 fee. Not attending an appointment without any communication will incur the full charge of the scheduled appointment. Only in adverse circumstances or at our discretion will the cancellation fees be waived.